Now that you know the traps many students fall into, you can alter your study regime to incorporate this advice.
A simple smart goal example for statements writing smart Objective for _ By have _ when and where including a measure, how, why.
Ensure the goal is achievable/ attainable Think about how to reach the goal and if you have specific tools or skills to.But it seems like the most important part of this process is to define measures.It is also helpful to have students think about who they can rely on to help them either remain motivated while working on achieving their goal or help them sharpen the skills necessary to complete.Heres an example of long-term smart School Year Goals created using our mind mapping tool : Create your own smart Goals Mind Map with ExamTime: Create Your Mind Map Here.I want to launch a mobile app for my company website by the end of Q2, which requires involvement from software development, design, and marketing.How do you help your students set goals in the classroom?R Relevant, relevance refers focusing on something that makes sense with the broader business goals.Allow yourself to indulge in a treat or go see a movie but remember to keep your eye on the prize and dont let your hard work slip.Achievable : The departments that will be involved have signed-off on creating a mobile app.Goal: I want to improve my performance.
Measurable : By the time of my next review, I should be able to create presentations that incorporate graphs, images, and other media in a couple of hours.
I will schedule my weekly program for the exhibition and track all interactive marketing sessions.For the current school year, 95 of my students will have measurable progress in 4 areas of scientific investigation: hypothesis, investigative plan, data partner card discount collection and data analysis.This doesnt have to be a daunting experience; in fact, it should be quite illuminating.Improving my skills requires that I learn how to use PowerPoint efficiently and practice using it by creating various presentations.Right Goal: Prepare 5 educational articles that will be published on GanttPRO blog by December 1, 2016.

Try to add the following to make your statements smarter: (in ABC order) Activate, adjust, analyze, apply, arrange, assess, breakdown, build, calculate, categorize, change, check, classify, clean, combine, compare, complete, connect, contrast, convert, count, create, describe, design, determine, develop, display, distinguish, estimate, evaluate, examine, explain.
Incorrect Goal: Create some articles to publish on GanttPRO blog.