the gift of sex penner

And Cliff and Joyces book, Enjoy: The Gift of Sexual Pleasure for Women is a wonderful place to start.
Cliff: -that we have shared.Joyce: Not just lack of desire, its really fighting.And so often, we just give too much space to the world here.So, hes really got to give her space and she has to learn that she is safe with him and to listen to herself and to free that part of herself and take it and own it as Gods gift to her to enjoy with.John: So, back to this woman leading sexually.Cliff Penner and his wife, Joyce and youll find follow-up resourcesat m/radio.Cliff: -we gift easter eggs yeah, so we say, set the timer for 15 minutes and when the timer goes off, youre done.
Joyce: Its all men want, yeah.(Laughter) It is it the opposite kind of teaching were trying to give to women.
There may be past trauma.
Thats what we mean by leading.Shes not gonna just be able to get in there and get passionate kissing.Joyce: -give yourself into it and and you can have if its not comfortable and we say for couples who and theres some cultures who dont look into each others eyes, if it isnt comfortable to do this, start by having playful time with.And when he gets ahead of her, she gets farther and farther behind.Jim: And then it works, huh.Hudson 31 Days to Great Sex.