Actions 2013-Nov-24 11:34 am (locked) sillykygirl marriott rewarding events program join: united state to smilepak, nope, in fact I'm annoyed over the whole promo and if I could I'd go with someone else but Time Warner.
Ask for Retention department.
Jose in sales assures me that there is no promotion for.99 and free Tab.
I told you I had just been on there lol Since I've had so many problems with them I almost feel like calling back one more time in a few days just to again be sure.Robin was courteous and helpful there however explaining to me what hey do and how they are separate from TWC themselves.Actions 2013-Dec-13 8:17 pm (locked) smilepak join: Chino, CA Went online, chat with representative online, gave her my order number saying i upgraded to Ultimate Data and haven't received redemption code.She comes back on the line and tells me that my account has been fixed and the.99 promotion applied to my account.Actions 2013-Dec-4 9:07 pm (locked) mecoseko to dkgamez I didnt receive a redemption code until today, but when I called after two weeks they told e to go to m/betterreward and click on forgot redemption code and enter my info.Unfortunately, TWC is the only provider in my area with high speed internet.
This is why people have been getting "more information required" messages they day after the submission of the upgrade online, because it is actually and error in the system and the order gets cancelled.Limit one (1) device per eligible residential best christmas gifts for 8 year old girl service and this offer may not be combined with any other offers.IF I'm not getting it in the end then what's the point of being downgraded lol actions 2013-Dec-24 9:37 pm (locked) to smilepak Reading this thread def makes me feel right at home haha.TWC gave up and gave them a 150 credit on the bills.She then gave a number that I should call at TWC and to ask for the redemption code that has been entered for me (as told by the associates I have spoken to in the last week).It took me 20 minutes to speak to an "analyst then I was put on hold for 20 minutes only to disconnect after she started speaking again.Actions 2013-Dec-10 6:20 pm (locked) Here is what to do:.Here is what I was told: I signed up for the Ultimate internet upgrade for.99 per month and would get a free Tablet for doing so, however the pricing on the site was an error and in order for existing customers to get the.I ask him if he has internet access and can go to m and look.I call and after 20 minutes speak.

I had this escalated several times and now supposedly its taken care of but im not confident yet until I see it in writing actions 2013-Dec-4 10:34 pm (locked) Wtfmofo join: Usa I checked my bill and noticed the charge for Ultimate internet service.
I chatted with an analyst the next day to see if I would be offered the same deal.
Actions 2013-Dec-12 4:09 pm (locked) sillykygirl join: united state 1 edit to smilepak So I called Time Warner and explained/complained again about all the hassle I've been going through regarding this whole tablet deal.