"California universities consider adopting the T-word: tuition".
The California Master Plan for Higher Education of 1960 established that UC must admit undergraduates from the top.5 (one-eighth) of graduating high school seniors in California.
27 In response to the state's continued population growth, sample wedding gift card message UC established additional general campuses at Santa Cruz and Irvine in 1965.60 Furthermore, Education Code section 92201 states that Hastings "is affiliated with the University of California, and is the law department thereof".Other than UC appointing three members to the two separate board of directors (each with eleven members) that oversee lans and llns, UC now has virtually no responsibility for or direct involvement in either lanl or llnl.Other work at lanl involves research programs into preventing the spread of weapons of mass destruction and US national security, such as protection of the US homeland from terrorist attack.Elizabeth Blackburn (2009 elizabeth.Retrieved April 19, 2017.
87 The University of California accepts fully eligible students from among the top one-eighth (1/8) of California public high school graduates through regular statewide admission, or the top 9 of any given high school class through Eligibility in the Local Context (see below).37 Governance edit All University of California campuses except Hastings College of the Law are governed by the Regents of the University of California as required by the Constitution of the State of California.120 UC also has a sixth medical school UC Riverside School of Medicine, the only one in the UC system without its own hospital." UC Santa Barbara freshman admission profile".However, this information is collected for statistical purposes.

In 2006 the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (sparc) awarded the University of California the sparc Innovator Award for its "extraordinarily effective institution-wide vision and efforts to move scholarly communication forward including the 1997 founding (under then UC President Richard.