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We also watch our energy usage and do not keep appliances plugged.
Again, after making many more calls to Con Edison, on March 4 they removed that meter from my house and replaced it with an analog meter (this is disney com sweepstakes 2017 the same type of how to apply military discount at home depot online meter Con Edison had initially removed in June 2009).It has obviously had a great impact on our family.I have been battling anxiety for months and I had no idea why.It is ruining my life and is violating my rights as a human being.Now I was nervous and my heart also started racing all of a sudden at times.He said he would leave a pamphlet on the door and then proceeded to change the box regardless of my objections.My sleep has deteriorated.Start strong and boost your skincare results.The blank stare and the, No, I cannot do that, was the only answer I could get out of these people.I am ill from the smart meters (two of them, one gas, one electric) on my property one at each end of my home.My telephone conversations were met with no understanding that my request to remove the Smart Meter was valid and important.
One of my daughters is constantly fatigued.A few times a day we get this awful screeching too.Shivani is electrically hypersensitive.I would like the smart meter to be removed from my home immediately as possible and replaced with an analog meter. We dont have WiFi at home, and no bluetooth, of course.The biggest complaint is difficulty sleeping.I cannot believe this is happening in this country!We declined, as did many people on our block, but our immediate neighbors both accepted (one of them did so only because he felt it was inevitable even though he was opposed).