If you are close to completing a Challenge make note of the requirements and then go grind that Challenge.
DedSec's teamwork has paid off, giving you three Research Points that you can immediately spend in the./Research App.
Reach the Hackerspace (150 XP 20U) Social Magnet - Reach 4,000,000 Followers (200 XP 20U) Early Adopter - Get back your phone (50 XP 20U) Skilled - Unlock 20 skills in the./Research App (200 XP 20U) That's All Folks!
Makeshift Gun Skin (30U people with advanced machining skills and a 3D printer will never go unarmed.Over on Twitter, Ubisoft Montreal acknowledged the matter and stressed that its looking into a fix: Have you encountered this issue yet?Watch_Dogs 2 features a total rei 20 dollar gift card of 6,000 XP and 150U available to be unlocked via game play for Club Ubi.( 10 online Contract Cash Boost : Boost the cash payout on all online contracts to get an edge on your enemies.You can access the Club from the New Game Menu, but we suggest that before you make any purchases with your Ubi Points you first create a new game so that its full save is generated.Each action can grant from 5 to 40 Units, which can then be used to unlock game-related rewards.In the meantime, players can submit a ticket at m if they are encountering this issue.Share on: Facebook, reddit, google.The point to this is that these are value-added content that you can only obtain via Club Ubi.
If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission.
The Actions are broken down into sections - those being World Stories, Light World Stories, Activities, Multiplayer, and Club.So yeah, please do that.Vengeance : Complete Act 4 ( 40 rewards m Aiden Avatar : Go to m and update your avatar with this exclusive.For more information, go here.Welcome - Play Watch_Dogs 2 Completionist - Complete All Club Actions in Watch_Dogs 2 Show Me The Money!

White Hat Outfit (30U cause a scene, disrupt the system, and create static in this stylish outfit.
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