By: Emelly on Mar 1, 2013 My name means kindness and good gift ideas for couples love By: jonicias on Mar 1, 2013 I think it means outgoing.
I love to learn things, and my name meaning is one of them.You ex-boyfriend/girlfriend calls and says they want to get back together.By: on May 20, 2013 and btw am goth so not a joy By: Legend on May 20, 2013 by the way yes my name is legend my mom saw a dog named legend and decided to name her baby Legend so i was named.(Optional) (average submission size - 5 bristol riverside theatre promo code to 10 lines) Know the Latest News about What does your name mean!I like riding horses, hunting, science, rocketry, and driving my sister crazy.Music is my life.If you see me take out my earbuds for you, your special.How discount antique jewelry do you react to this?Im hoping this quiz lets me know.Try to postpone showing it to him for as long as possible.He wanted to have sweet dreams By: chi on Jul 16, 2013 i want to know what will my name be in english if my name is 'chi; By: Della on Jul 16, 2013 my name could mean a girl who boys always have.
Ask the friend to pay the promised amount.By: Autumn on Apr 23, 2013 I like my name, but I have always wanted it to be Lilly for some reason.Take the quiz to find out.She wanted to see how long she slept By: Nathalie on Jul 18, 2013 Why did the boy put sugar under his pillow?I feel bad, but can't say anything to his face.So you want to know your super power?You really want this new project.By: Harrison on Apr 6, 2013 Son of Harris or Harry By: kaylee on Apr 3, 2013 i think my name meanshot, buetiful and funny lovely, smart,cute, fun to be with, beatiful weird girl By: Lauren on Apr 2, 2013 I guess it.By: Camilia on May 22, 2013 It's an animal and a flower.Walk away; its none of my business.

It means to descend or flow down By: Alexandra on Mar 14, 2013 I like my name because it means defender.
How do you handle it?