what to put on gift registry

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What do you own now that you wish you had registered for?
Back when I got married, I didnt know how to cook.
Youll need a set for your room and why do i feel guilty when i get a gift the guest room, manitoba hydro air conditioner rebate plus an extra one for each during laundry day.You go through all the trouble of picking out gifts, strategizing which price point to be in, and coordinating towels with that bedding you really want, but then you're not allowed to tell people about it!So with that standard in mind, is it really ever okay to put registry information on your wedding invitations?With that said, dont bother registering for one unless you think youre really going to use it!Nothing is as awkward as pulling the turkey out on Thanksgiving in front of your whole family only to realize that you do not own a cutting board big enough to carve the darn thing.But if you're just getting started or starting again, the basics that fill your cupboards or stock your closets are still wonderful items to have on your list - especially if they come courtesy of people you care about and who care about you.His and Hers anything.That card is the perfect place to let guests know about your welcome party or morning-after brunch, as well as direct them to your website for anything else they might need.Youll definitely need somewhere to store all of the wonderful items you receive.
I didnt know which items to register for, and what I really didnt need.
I thought it would be fun to share with you the things I wish I had put on that wedding registry, and what I wish I hadnt purchased.
Again, keep this information off of the invitation itself.A cherry/olive pitter, and an apple peeler/corer/slicer.Keep the phrasing vague (something like "For more information about our wedding weekend, please visit our website instead of calling out that the link will take guests to your wedding registry.It doesnt cost you any more, and it helps keep this site alive!Its a bit of a right of passage for a bride-to-be.Seriously, its the most useless gadget ever.You can register for a set, or for individual pieces.Instead, you have to be coy and let other people share the information for you.

Yep, two totally random objects.
Im not saying that everyone needs to own these two items, but I spend a lot of time pitting, peeling, coring, and slicing, so it makes sense for me to keep these around.