what year did muhammad ali win the olympics

Over the next six years, Clay would win six Kentucky Golden Gloves championships, two national Golden Gloves titles, and two AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) crowns.
Attended Central High School in Louisville.Ali died at the age of 74 on June 3, 2016."Ali crowned Sportsman of Century".I'm not trying to dodge the draft.Army due to his religious convictions.A b c d e f g h i j k l The Fight's Over, Joe.In time, Muhammad Ali Boulevardand Ali himselfcame to be well accepted in his hometown.Jencks said, attracted nearly four times as many subscribers as the cumulative total of all 50 "educational features" offered by whct over a two-year period.A b Christopher, Paul.; Smith, Alicia Marie (2006).161 On June 28, 1971, the Supreme Court of the United States in Clay.
A b "Marcos used Thrilla in Manila fight as distraction from Filipinos' plight"."Mike Tyson May Fight George Foreman In Biggest Money Match: 80 Million".Espn played four hours of non-stop commercial-free coverage of Ali.W rewanu, rozegranym w maju 1965, Liston student teacher gifts for class ponownie przegra z Alim, tym razem znokautowany ju w poowie pierwszej rundy.Bugner's British Bunch' Travels To See Ali Bout".Ali successfully defended his title in 10 fights, including the memorable Thrilla in Manila on October 1, 1975, in which his bitter rival Frazier, his eyes swollen shut, was unable to answer the bell for the final round."Page2 Muhammad Ali from A to Z".Retrieved January 25, 2012.Clay also beat his former trainer and veteran boxer Archie Moore in a 1962 match.