when did the colts win the superbowl last

Colts quarterback Peyton Manning finished the game 25 of 35 for 342 yards passing and four touchdowns, while Washington quarterback Mark Brunell completed 27 of his 37 pass attempts for 226 yards passing and two touchdowns.
Like I've said many times, I don't know why you get out of bed in the morning and work these jobs in this league if you don't have that belief that you can win it all.".
He had a 15-yard TD run, a 10-yard TD run, and another 15-yard TD run after that.The season began with hellomd promo code 2017 the team trying to maintain or improve on their regular season record of 142 from the 2005 season, and advance further into the playoffs.The Giants trimmed the Colts' lead on a 34-yard touchdown pass from Eli Manning to WR Plaxico Burress, though the Colts responded promptly with another field goal before the half expired.The 2006, indianapolis Colts season was the franchise's 54th season in the.And to take it a step further, Pagano is a combined 0-9 against New England and Pittsburgh, the two AFC heavyweights, in his career.After punts were exchanged, the Patriots broke the tie when K Stephen Gostkowski made a 28-yard field goal to give the Patriots the lead by 3 points.
"Chuck said to me, 'Jim, I want to make sure I'm tied at the hip with Ryan, and I want to make sure when we get to the mountain top that Ryan and I are there together because we've been through a lot together and.That season featured internal feuding between Chuck Pagano and Grigson all year long.However, Houston managed to pull off a huge upset with Kris Brown's game-winning 48-yard field goal as time expired, giving Indianapolis their first ever loss against them.Rex Grossman attempted to get the ball to his outside receiver along the sideline coming out of a double-move.Trent Green completed 14 of his 24 passes for 107 total passing yards with one touchdown also.Indianapolis cut the deficit with six minutes left in the third quarter on QB Peyton Manning 's 13-yard touchdown strike to WR Marvin Harrison.Kansas City's only scoring drive of the game came with less than 30 seconds remaining in the third quarter.The Colts then followed with a score of their own, a 1-yard TD pass from QB Peyton Manning to WR Reggie Wayne to take the lead with 11:14 left in the half.1, still, the Colts won the championship with the help of the most statistically efficient offense in the league.