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30 (1) in effect 114.
Same (2) Despite section 116 but subject to subsections (3) and (4 if an order was issued under paragraph 8 of subsection 30 (1 no notice of rent increase is required for the landlord to take a rent increase that the landlord would have been.
If the Board issues an order under subsection 126 (10) permitting an increase in rent that is due in whole or in part to eligible capital expenditures, (a) the Board shall specify in the order the percentage increase that is attributable to the eligible capital.
Decrease in services, etc.Same (9) A capital expenditure is not an eligible capital expenditure with respect to a rental jamie oliver christmas gift sets unit for the purposes of this section if a new tenant entered into a new tenancy agreement in respect of the rental unit and the new tenancy agreement took.(1) A landlord and a tenant may agree to increase the rent charged to the tenant for a rental unit above the guideline if, (a) the landlord has carried out or undertakes to carry out a specified capital expenditure in exchange for the rent increase;.Mortgages Act shall not require a tenant to pay a rent deposit if the tenant has already paid a rent deposit to the prior landlord of the rental unit.Receipt for payment 109.Rent chargeable before order (5) If an application enterprise gift card discount is made under this section and the landlord has given a notice of rent increase as required, until an order authorizing the rent increase for the rental unit takes effect, the landlord shall not require the tenant.
(1) A new tenant who was entitled to notice under section 114 may apply to the Board for an order, (a) determining the amount of rent that the new tenant may lawfully be charged until the prohibition in the order made under paragraph 6,.
(1) If the municipal property tax for a residential complex is reduced by more than the prescribed percentage, the lawful rent for each of the rental units in the complex is reduced in accordance with the prescribed rules.Right to cancel (4) A tenant who enters into an agreement under this section may cancel the agreement by giving written notice to the landlord within five days after signing.There are a few exceptions to the three-month wait.Same, time limitation (5) No application may be made under this section more than one year after a reduction or discontinuance in a service or facility.Deduction of interest from rent (9 where the landlord has failed to make the payment required by subsection (6) when it comes due, the tenant may deduct the amount of the payment from a subsequent rent payment.Interpretation (2) In this section, extraordinary increase means extraordinary increase as defined by or determined in accordance with the regulations.(1) Despite section 116 but subject to subsections (3) and (4 if an order was issued under paragraph 6 of subsection 30 (1) and a new tenancy agreement was entered into while the order remained in effect, no notice of rent increase is required for.Exception (2) An motoroads discount coupon increase in rent under section 123 shall be deemed not to be an increase in rent for the purposes of this section.