where to get kindle gift cards

Lets say you get something which is 10 a month, and you could pay for it with a 10 gift card.
Amazon Gift Cards in Local Stores.Do that, and the person fastest way to earn gift cards has a choice to get a gift card instead, but it arrives ready to be used just for that one book.The easiest place to find and buy.Please read Amazon terms conditions for a full list of rules and restrictions.Enter your claim code and click Apply to Your Account.I am linking to the same thing at the regular Amazon site, and at AmazonSmile.When you buy an Amazon gift card from their website, there are 100's of pictures to choose from, and lots of categories for all the holidays, seasons, or other occasions to find the perfect design for your gift.The first thing to know is that your gift card isnt just for a specific Kindle on your account, or for a specific product.How to Check your Amazon Gift Card Balance Once you've entered the code your gift card balance will be updated, which you can see directly on your Kindle Fire.
Enter the code on the back of your Amazon gift card and tap "Redeem And that's all there is to it!
There will be no cost to you, and a benefit to them.
How To Use Amazon Gift Card: Where to Find Amazon Gift Cards.I alerted Amazon to the fact that it doesnt have that prohibition in Help any more, and they confirmed for me that it is still prohibited to use your gift card for a subscription.To support this or other blogs/organizations, buy.With a subscription, they need something they can bill in future months, toonot just the first time.(If you have a plastic gift card, you may need to scratch off the protective coating on the back of the card.) If youre placing an order through the Shopping Cart, enter the code as a payment option during Checkout and click Apply.Weirdly, it used to explicitly say that it was prohibited.If you arent ready to place an order yet, you can redeem the gift card in Your Account for future use.Then, when you use 1-click to buy something, it draws from any available gift card balance until there is none left (and then it goes back to the payment method which your account has set up for 1-click).Have fun browsing through all the great designs.You can print your gift cards from home or send them by e-mail or physical mail.

If you want to use the money for purchases on your Kindle Fire you'll need to redeem the card to the account your Kindle Fire is registered.