They are farmed as far away as Australia and New Zealand and sold as a letter q gifts delicacy food item in some countries.
Mother of Pearl after care: To keep your mother of pearl looking good it should be cleaned using mild soap and water with a soft cloth. .
Oils from your fingers will speed up the dis-colouration. .
Ivory will dis-colour over time and develop a natural patina or coating. .It is a very popular item of jewellery in Australia and New Zealand.It is deposited on the inside of pearl oyster and freshwater pearl mussel shells and of course Pearls themselves are made of Nacre. .Ammonite after care: A simple wipe with a damp soft cloth is all that is needed to keep your sliced and polished Ammonite looking beautiful.Amber can hold animal plant material as inclusions.This will prevent the spray from covering the abalone. .
Do not drop it onto hard surfaces and when not being worn keep it out of direct sunlight preferably in a soft padded box. .Whitby jet, approximate width of shank - 2mm.This is a delicate silver ring set with four hand cut heart shaped.To keep your Ivory looking good try and avoid handling the ivory as much as possible.Back to the top, some items on the website contain Ivory.Material -.925 sterling silver and best quality.The majority of the Whitby Ammonites used in our Jewellery are dated to the Jurassic period some 180 million years ago. .American Redwood: This truly amazing species of tree has the reputation of being the tallest tree on the planet.As we design and manufacturer all the jewellery they can even be made to your specification.