white elephant gift ideas for teachers

Ive seen those camera lens mugs but this stainless steel coffee tumbler camera lens is awesome!
Some favorites are Starbucks and Amazon. .
Please share your ideas in the comments section below!7 comments 76 Upvoted, this thread is archived, new comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.Supplies unique mother's day gift ideas for the classroom, it may not seem like the most thoughtful gift but teachers actually appreciate supplies for their classroom. .The fun begins after the first student unwraps a book from the pile.Potty Putter Golf Game, glow in the Dark Terrarium, screwdriver Set Slippers or Mittens Burts Bees Gift Set 0shares.Gift Ideas for The Man Who Has Everything.
Always looking for another opportunity to promote reading, I add a bookish twist to our holiday party in the form of a "White Elephant Book Exchange." These books are my holiday gift to my students, and the book exchange is a fun party game that.
Classroom Gift Guide " for homemade or low-cost student and colleague gifts, and Allie Magnuson shares ".
Pick out a cute pattern and it will be stolen throughout the night!If youve read any of my other gift idea posts you know that I absolutely love to Christmas shop!Press J to jump to the feed.If you have some more favorites leave a comment and share them with us!Im sure there are exceptions to this but I would bet money that they are few and far between!Have a scientist in the house?(I use my Scholastic Book Club bonus points to get a fun selection of gift books.) If your students' families are able and willing, you could ask each student to bring in a wrapped book, either new or used, to use for the exchange.Do you share a special gift with your students?