The garland ended up costing less than 5!
A White Elephant Bingo Party is a fun twist to the typical holiday gathering.
For Boston, we inserted a movie on for him in another room, and besides an occasional visit from him to snag a chocolate kiss or two, he was golden!Dont people have enough shopping to do?!It is always a lot of fun, especially seeing the crazy gifts that everyone brings.If you win this round, you have the option of keeping your gift or making the last steal of the night.Well the party started at 7pm right around Tennessees bedtime, so I nursed him and put him to bed in the first stage of the party when guests were mingling.So I created and designed my own bingo cards with a bit of vintage feel.
Also it didnt cost us a penny!
Have you ever played White Elephant Bingo?
Because the gold theme idea came last minute, I really appreciated those that made the effort to sport some gold.We taped off the inside and spray painted the borders.Another last minute decoration was spray painting an old bottle and adding glitter to another.We didnt know what type of music to play at a bingo party, so to set a different mood than the every safe rings promo code day, we put on a little.Needless to say, it put me a little behind schedule.I love it because I can use it over and over again with any party.So will you be throwing a white elephant bingo party?There were a lot more decoration ideas that I would have liked to do but we ran out of time and thankfully I am okay with that!Party #1 a success!

So where were my littles during this time?
You can download them over.
My son and I painted it with chalkboard paint which was originally all I was planning to do, but then I remembered we had some gold spray paint and that took me off on a gold theme kick!