win toolkit v1 4.0 x

If W7T detects an orphaned image it will try to remound it, another time it will remount it is if you restart your computer with an image mounted it will remount it, but the "remount" stuff only takes second.
FIX: Fixed error when removing item in AIO Integrator This was caused by code being used for the IE9 Langpack method.I've now added a time warner cable internet promo code button which does the same thing but that appears in all WIM Managers (AIO, Comp Remover Reg Editor).FIX: Progress bar error in AIO Some users experienced a problem with the progress bar, i've changed some code so hopefully this is now fixed.Hopefully this will help with users using MSU to CAB Converter and IE9 Lang Packs Sorted out 'Options should be tider More 'Options in AIO Integrator and also more orgranised.FIX: Importing multiple SFX files got set as 'Always Install' If you unticked 'Force Install' and then added a bunch of SFX, Win Toolkit still added them under 'Always Install' FIX: Items could not be removed from All-In-One Integrator lists Self-explanatory, this is due.This new menu has always been in Win Toolkit but for some reason it didn't open it and just opened the webpage, this has now been fixed.
FIX: Fixed a few typos Worked on the suggestions via 'The Little Things' topic.
The box is enabled by default as it should have been and the first item in the list is selected by default too.
FIX: Added Windows Self-Update cabs now load Self explanatory, the issue was in the code which detects if the package is for your version of Windows.FIX: Hopefully fixed.dll error in Addon Maker I received a log with missing hopefully this has now been fixed.FIX: Tools Manager now remembers which 'Main' sub-tabpage Win Toolkit now remembers if you had 'Basic 'Intermediate' or 'Advanced' tab selected.I've also make some other UI changes, but nothing special.FIX: Issue where a normal WIM file can be detected as SWM instead This error occurs when running Win Toolkit via a network share, Imagex is unable to get the wim data, however i've added a condition where if not data is received then.Win Toolkit now removes these folder on AIO Integrator exit but also if you remove one of those updates from the list, it will also remove that specific too.